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About Us

It's a tale of two athletic stories, from the age of 5 years. Angela, my oldest sister, is one year apart from me. When I entered Holbrooks Primary School in Coventry, England Angela had already attained the fame as the fastest girl in school at 60m. 

The year following, I picked up that mantel and was labeled the fastest among the boys in the same school. Heading into Foxford High School at age 11 Angela’s fast sprinting reputation followed her through the transition to 100m. However, my transition to the 100m sprint became a stumbling block, finishing races second or third to last place. At that time my father, lacking the athletic knowledge and foresight, turned his attention fully towards my sister’s sprinting career as she was enrolled into our city’s (Coventry) track club. You see, I had Asthma that affects my breathing and endurance. Even though I was able to blow away the sprinting field within 60m, I had nothing left to give, in order to finish strong in the 100m.

Only if there was something or someone there to interject and say “lets work on his endurance because he can overcome his Asthma.” 

It was around 3:00am 11 years ago in the early morning, sleep was fleeting when I started having a conscious thought of wasted athletic knowledge and how I could turn it around to mean so much more for others. 

This was a time in my life I was engulfed with coaching a youth girls rep soccer team, where I could see the lifelong advantages of them having the right fundamentals of sprinting properly. 

With the spirit of the Lord present, I started to write a speed training program outline; called at that time AS… Acceleration and Separation. At 6am three hours after my sleepless morning, I emailed my sister (Angela Bailey, Olympic Athlete) with a foundational structure of an elite speed training program that could be implemented in phases and would be in high demand by a cross section of youth athletes.

With great joy Angela accepted to be the face of the speed training program and it was implemented to over 50 youth soccer players from various clubs with enthusiastic reception. Many years later Yokefellows Athletics was birthed from a sleepless night into a global track and field industry ready to bring forth innovative and fresh opportunities. This story is more spiritually based than spoken about here, if you would like to read on just...

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Angela Bailey

It is with immense sadness that on July 31, 2021, Angela Bailey passed away from her bout with lung cancer. Angela served to impact many lives in a positive professional and personal way. As an elite athlete she was able to relay many of her athletic knowledge and skill to Donald Bailey her brother, for him to have a firm grasp on fundamental sprint training sessions she wholeheartedly felt as impactful at the youth level.

Angela Bailey was an Olympic Medalist. She competed at 2 Olympic Games and represented at a slew of international games including Commonwealth Games and World Championships. Angela holds the Canadian record for the 100m in a time of 10.98s, which was set in 1987. That time ranked her 4th in the world. It is the fastest time ever run in Canada.

Achieving that pinnacle of success by not only winning a silver medal at the Olympic Games, but dedicating herself to becoming a high-performance athlete, Angela knows how to run fast, and how to help others run fast. Angela has worked with athletes heading to the U. S on scholarship. She was assistant coach for the University of Toronto athletic team and volunteered her time coaching for Queen’s University Track and Field team, and Clarkson High School. Angela has worked with teams, bringing her knowledge of speed to enhance their outcomes.

Donald Bailey

Donald Bailey is an all-round amateur athlete that started off his athletic journey playing football in the rigorous racks of the UK system. Donald has played sports on various school, club and city teams ranging from soccer, football, basketball, track & field, and badminton. His love of sports over the years has led Donald into coaching and management.

Donald brings his insight and experience to the field of sports where he builds a footing on key transferable techniques that any athlete or coach can implement and utilize. His vision of success also, leads beyond the field of play into, foundational structure, scaling procedures, and global business sharing.

Yokefellows is a collaboration between Angela Bailey and Donald Bailey. Yokefellows is about teaching the athlete to run faster, starting with the fundamentals, and building on that foundation, to the creation of skilled performers in whatever discipline the athlete competes.

We Are Located At Mississauga Ontario Canada

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