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Our Program

Yokefellows Athletic is a youth sprint (speed) fundamental program, that allows parents to see their child athletically develop in phases.

At Phase 1 parents are given a chance to start off on the right foot and find out how naturally fast their child is, as they are taken through our five (5) strategic training stages, deliberately delivered by an Olympian for solid foundation and evaluation.

Stage 1 - Stretching (Dynamic and Static)

At this stage its about young athletes going through some basic stretching exercises, that is important to prevent injury and keep them limber as they learn to sprint at high speeds. 

Stage 2 - Natural Timed Sprint 

We all have different styles of running and sprinting that is unique to ourselves. It's our natural style that allows us to run fast without thinking but, many times it doesn’t lend itself to increasing our speed. At this stage is where we find that “Diamond in the Rough” as we would say, because it's all-natural sprinting without any technical training. 

Also, here is where we refer to our in-house age-appropriate benchmarks, that takes into account global coached sprint times as indicators. An athlete sprinting anywhere around twenty (20) seconds outside of these sprint benchmarks is good and worth taking note.

Stage 3 - Skill Training

This is where listening skills come in very handy because, we explain and demonstrate to the athletes the skill and technique required to sprinting with form. Though instuction they will learn how to identify their strong lead off leg when starting from stand-up or kneeling point. Another critical factor is they will learn to swinging their arms correctly in contrast to the positioning of their body and legs. As well as we will teach your child at stage 3 fearlessness through the infamous "As and Bs" walk and sprint training techques. 

Stage 4 - Technical Procedures

Here is where your child will put everything they learnt into action through a series of curtailed technical skills and drills, meant to bring forth their concentration on sprint formation and structure

At stage #3, #4, and #5 the old natural style of sprinting takes on a new fundamental technique that occupies the mind to muscle. It feels strange at first to the athlete trying to adopt this new form, as the natural style will want to go back to what it's comfortable with. Therefore we pay special attention to the athletes' form and persistently bring them back to the correct technique.

Stage 5 - Technique Timed Sprint

All the sprint fundamentals that the athlete learned from, leg movement, arm rotation and focus is put on display here. The timed sprint not only considers the athlete's speed, but also their level of adaptability to a whole new way of sprinting with technique. 

Your child now has the instructions and training knowledge to consistently practice phase 1 by themself to increase their personal sprinting time (PST) or personal best (PB).

This new sprint technique will change athletes' approach from running fast to sprinting fast and understanding what it takes to switch from one to the other. Youth athletes that learn these sprint fundamentals have a big advantage when they bring it into their selective sports discipline (Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Football, Baseball, Swimming, Rugby, and Field Hockey). 

Our goal at Yokefellow Athletics is to teach youth athletes how to run fast with a solid foundation on how to increase their speed so, they can have an advantage over competition! 

If you would like to compete at the highest of levels in sports sign up for Yokefellows Athletics Phase 1 training program.

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